Fabulous Falsies

Ardell. Wispies multipack. Black Demis. These two strips of false eyelashes are what enables me to become my most confident self while I am cheering or doing other performances.

Last year was my first year at Santa Barbara High School. I was like any other stereotypical awkward freshmen but for me it was a million times worse because I had to perform and lead all of the freshmen and the rest of school every Friday at football games. It was terrifying.

Then, one day before our homecoming game, my sister had given me a white slim packet of what I thought at the time were dried up spiders. Little did I know, this packet was going to be a game changer of how I cheered and presented myself for the rest of my cheerleading career.

As soon as I glued the edges of the falsies onto my lid I felt invincible. Then twounnamed minutes later, my right eyelash fell off. My sister helped me this time and they stayed on!

As soon as I arrived to the game, I had a new sense of confidence and power from the falsies. I felt like an actual performer and I was excited to show people my kicks and jumps and countless dance roimg_3196utines with my new look.

Fast forward to this year, I swear by Ardell’s demi black falsie eyelashes. They are so easy and simple to put on. They also feel really great on the lid and last through hours of lifting other cheerleaders,  jumps, and dance routines. AND they won’t break your wallet!

When I put on my Ardell’s I usually wear them by themselves to have a more natural look. However, if their is going to be a big home game or I want to look just a little bit classier for an event I wear them with a shimmery gold and silver pallet from MAC.fullsizerender

If your looking for the perfect pair of false eyelashes I would highly recommend getting Ardell’s. I can’t express enough how much they boosted my confidence and my self esteem.

Get your ardells HERE.


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