2016 was a big year. Too many incredible, unforgettable experiences happened. In this blog post, I’m going to focus  on one of the most memorable moments of my 2016, my first Kylie Lip Kit.

Just kidding,  this definitely was not the most memorable.

fullsizerender-2BUT it was significant.

December 25th. Christmas morning. My sister and I were wearing the classic matching red flannel Christmas jammies even Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” couldn’t top . My inner 5-year-old self kicked in as I ran down stairs in my “naughty or nice” slippers.  As I ripped into the wrapping paper, I saw the iconic packaging of the Kylie lip-kit unfolding in the midst of my palms.  I was beyond excited. I, Ava Burford, had gotten my first lip-kit. It was truly an amazing feeling.

I’m not exaggerating.

Later that day, I HAD to try the lip-kit out. Eagerly sitfullsizerender-1ting down in my makeup room, I carefully took out the lip liner and the liquid lip stick. The packaging looked so professional and clean. I first lined my lips and the lip liner was the smoothest liner I have ever used compared to products in the past. Now it was time to apply the liquid matte lipstick.

Was I intimidated?


Was I beyond excited and ready to experience the “Kylie” feeling?


As I painted my lips, the brush was remarkably easy to use and the smallness of it’s size made getting the tops of my cupid’s bow not a problem. The lipstick itself dries quickly and lasts all day. I ate, drank, cried, laughed, ate again, went to cheer practice, and the lip stick still stayed on. It’s honestly made of a miracle img_3325substance. I don’t know how she  does it.

My skin naturally has olivey undertones because of that 50% Italian blood line I inherited from somewhere along the family line. Because of this, I picked out the shade of dirty peach. It’s light pink with a tint of orange.

I would recommend a Kylie lip product to every single one of my friends. They looks flawless throughout the duration of when I wore it and when my sister wore hers.

To get you Kylie cosmetic lip products, click on the link HERE.


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