Drained Dreams

Friday the 17th. Rain and wind was thrown down on Santa Barbara in a storm my generation had never expirenced before.

12:30 p.m. My family was at home, watching “The Real Housewives” when we discovered my parent’s bathroom was under a foot of water. As we rushed in through the soaking doors, mac products, perfume bottles, and shoes floated across my feet before my very astounded eyes. Through hours of heaving water out of the house, we had kinda sorta hofullsizerender-7ped we had fixed the flooding problem. Whew!

However, as we were working downstairs, the second story ceiling did not do my family any favors and began to befriend the water that was rained down upon it. Fast forward to Sunday, Grace and

(makeup room post flooding) I’s makeup room was torn out due to significant water damage and my mom’s closet was being drained and dried of water and mold.

How does this relate to beauty in SB? You might be wondering this right about now. In this blog post, I’ll be taking about the key of organization and how important it is in a major life crisis, or just everyday.

While my family and I cleaned up the mess, Grace and I realized we would have to move all of our beauty products out of our getting ready room and into another place for the duration of the next two months.

We HAfullsizerender-6D to be organized or else the next two months would be long, horrible, and she might move out sooner than my family expected.

As we organized all of our products, we rid ourselves of things we hadn’t used in years. The oldest item we found was lipgloss from 2005!

The next day as we got ready for school in the morning, we had at least ten extra minutes of frimg_0735ee time from not shuffling through all of our products. It. Was. Amazing. Also, Grace’s makeup turned out flawless even with the flooding catastrophe that we had to deal with all weekend.

I would highly recommend going through all of your hair products, old makeup pallets, mascaras, anything that could make your morning or night routine easier on you. Old makeup can be hazardous to one’s skin and cause blemishes that I wouldn’t want on my skin in the first place.





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