2:30. Thursday afternoon. I walk into the sweet conditioner smelling Salon U and greet Michel, my hair dresser.  A smile spreads across his face as he sees me because he alwscreen-shot-2017-03-02-at-10-32-26-amays has fun when he cuts my hair.

He motions for this brightly colored young man who runs up to me and sits me down to wash my hair. This young man had the best attitude and told me of how he wanted a career in hair coloring which was his passion. After our hair washing/ bonding experience, he sat me down so Micheal could work h

is magic. It had been a while since I last came in…
After combing out my hair and applying countless lavish products onto it, it was time for the chop. Micheal always asks me what I exactly want to him to do to my hair and is outstanding at executing it. I have never been disappointed from a cut
at this salon.

Micheal began hacking off pieces and in the end took off  a much needed one and a
half inches. In my previous haircut, I really went for it and had him do an A-line bob which was about 8 inches or so off. So with this cut, Micheal evened everything out in fullsizerender-7the back after an hour of precise trimming and cutting.

I would highly recommend going to Salon U if your looking for a clean look or something new. Everyone who works their has an amazing attitude and treats you like you really matter. At previous salons I have been to, I have not felt, as the client, like I had much importance or that I was cared deeply about. That was  definitely not the case here, I was finally number one priority.

Some crucial tips I learned at the salon are below!!!

Make sure your getting your hair cut at least every 2-4 months. Just trimming your ends will keep your hair healthy and feeling fabulous. If you aren’t trimming your hair, split ends will worsen faster and you will eventually have to cut more hair off. Some other hair carer tips I recieved were not to wash your everyday because that would dry out your scalp and always always always use conditioner to keep the moisture locked in.


To check out the amazing Salon U click HERE for the link to their website.


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