Bruchen’ Browns

9:30. Sunday morning. My sister Grace was preparing for her birthday brunch and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do a post on our brunch looks.

10:00. Sunday morning. In the midst of the final hour of getting ready, I scramble to do the perfect classy winged eyeliner and make sure my eye shadow on both sides is even. Grace, on the other hand, is doing her final touches because she always effortlessly pulls of a look in 30 minutes that would take me two hours to do.

For my brunch look, I used two different pallets from MAC. One was mostly neutral colors but with some gold in it. This other pallet I used was all neutral colors. For eyeliner, I used one of my favorite products, the eyeliner pen from the brand Stila. I purchased it from Sephora for $22 and it usually lasts me a good couple of months. AND that is the only eyeliner I have ever used that does not smear off in less than two hours. For mascara, I used my new favorite mascara from MAC. Guys, its honestly the best product ever. It makes my lashes look so long and natural it’s incredible.

For Grace’s look, she used the same pallets as I did from MAC. Additionally, she used a liquid lipstick from Stila. It was called Lume. It is a really good liquid lipstick but it did have a tendency to smear within the first hours of wearing it. BUT, it did stay on throughout the duration of our meal. Grace also used this incredible eyebrow products from MAC and Bobbi Brown. From MAC, it was an eyebrow gel in this pot contraption. Trust me it’s amazing, it stays on forever, forever as in all day. From Bobbi Brown, she used a lighter brown powder that she used to fill in the thicker, beginning parts of her brows.

The other girls who came had lipsticks on from MAC, Sephora, and Laura Mercier. They also had foundations that were from Bare Minerals and MAC. As you can tell, this group of girls, and especially me, love MAC products.

Brunch is always a fun time with whoever your with, especially if your with your girls.

To purchase any of these incredible products, click the links below for their websites!


Bobbi Brown


Laura Mercier

Bare Minerals



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