Ravishing Red

This week I’m going to talk about one of my newest most loved beauty looks, the classic red lip. This look looks fabulous at any given event.

This past weekend, I attended the MAD Academy Gala and it was twenty’s themed. Scrambling to get ready, I did a light brown eyeshadow for my eyes and finished off my look with a red lip. As you know, I am obsessed with MAC makeup. The quality is just incredible and I am never disappointed with my looks hours after I have applied their products. Various other women I noticed at the Gala had red lips on. Many wore a subtle light red, while some did a dark burgundy tone and others went all out, like myself, and did a contiguously bright red.

The specific lip color I used was called Ruby Woo which is a matte bright red shade. For the liner, I used the chromagraphic pencil in basic red. These colors pair great with one another.

Throughout the night,
I ate numerous appetizers, drank many bubbly beverages, and ate a hot Italian meal. When I went to check how my makeup was holding up, the lipstick still looked perfectly pristine.

My sister has always loved the red lip color as well. A couple years back, she  started cheerleading. However, unlike other girls, she wanted to be unique and stand out. To do this, she became known as the cheerleader with the red lips. Every game since Freshmen year, she has worn her red lips.

Additionally, Grace writes screenplays and has been in completions for her writing skills. Everyone she has gone to, she has worn red lips. From this, she has gained so much confidence with her makeup skills and an identity that’s different than the AP student or the bad driver or just a random blonde girl.

Red lips are so empowering. I feel like I can accomplish anything while wearing them. Like one of my role models Taylor Swift, who is an avid wearer of red lipstick said, “And I got that red lip classic thing that you like”. Find what empowers you and what you like to be the best version of yourself.

To buy MAC’s incredible red lipstick, click HERE.


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