Marvelous Margaux

Hair is…





And unique.

My friend Margaux, by far, has the most gorgeous hair I have known someone to have. Over the years she has grown it out, cut it short, and tried numerous other things to change-up her look. She usually wears it naturally and down. Sometimes when she’s really “feeling it” she’ll straighten it or french braid it back.

Marguax’s family believes in using natural products and try to avoid using as many unnecessary chemicals as they can. She also has insanely dry hair. Coconut oil is her go to all natural product. The best oil she has found is Trader Joe’s all natural coconut oil.
Typically Margaux will lather up a teaspoon or so of coconut oil in her hands and then apply it to the end tips of her hair. DO NOT put coconut oil into the roots of your hair. It is so difficult to get out and your hair stays immensely oily for at least two days after you have done the initial conditioning.

After she has applied the coconut oil, she usualy saran-wraps
her hair and waits twenty minutes for the coconut oil to work it’s magic. After, she washes out her hair fully to rid it of all the oil.

The results are incredible. Margaux’s hair always turns out so
soft, shiny, and looks like she just got a fresh hair cut. Additionally, coconut oil is really beneficial to helping split ends. Even after one treatment, one can see their hair already looking and feeling healthier.

Along with coconut oil helping mend split ends, it is really great for one’s health. Using coconut oil instead of other substances can reduce inflammation and certain types of cancers. This overall helps the body inside and out which is truly beautiful and amazing.

I would recommend doing a coconut oil treatment at least once a month or more depending on how dry your hair is or how many split ends you have. I know Margaux loves her coconut oil treatments and has been doing it for years and I think all of you should try it too.


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