It is finally Spring Break! Finally one week without tests, teachers, and homework. All day beach days will now be a reality once again. For those of you who need to look flawless on the beach, like myself, I am here to help you guys with the best waterproof makeup options.

First and formost, waterproof mascara. This product is truley something I could never live without, I thank the creators of it everyday. My go to waterproof mascara is from Maybelline. The brush really lifts my eyelashes and feels like a normal mascara. Additionally, the mascara usually stays on throughout the whole day when I wear it! Even through swimming, paddle boarding, going to the beach, and much much more.
My second favorite waterproof product is one by MAC and it is the Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set. This product is a tinted brow mascara. I have it in light brown but it also comes in an array of other colors and tints. I would recommend this product soley for water related activities. On a day to day wearing basis, it makes my eyebrows look a little clumpy and it is very difficult to remove.

My third favorite waterproof product is the MAC light pink eye shadow stick. I have gone swimming multiple times using this product and I swear it stays the same pigmentation and consistency. I really like this product but when I am not wearing it in an event that I will get wet, I do not like the feel of it. It is very sticky on the eyelids and overtakes other eye shadows I have put on top of it.

For this Spring Break season, I would highly recommend each of these products because Spring Break is the time for fun in the sun and feeling confident with yourself while doing that is crucial. Make sure to protect yourself with lots of sunscreen too! To purchase any of these products, click on the links below!

For the waterproof maybelline mascara click HERE

For the waterproof MAC products click on the link HERE

Have an amazing Spring Break and I hope you all give these products a try!





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