Spectacular Stila Senior Presents

Want to know the new makeup brand I have been obsessed with? Stila Cosmetics! Their products go on so smoothly and stay on for hours, as I found out this past Sunday at Senior Presents.

As a sophomore in high school, I am a member of an amazing group of women called National Charity League. For those of you who do not know, National Charity League is a non-profit organization of mothers and daughters across the country who give back to their communities. In May, our big event, Senior Presents, happens which celebrates the senior girl’s accomplishments with a fashion show, speeches, and ends with a father daughter dance. This event is truly amazing to see these girls grow with one another and see how much they have impacted our community for the better.

This year, I decided to use as many stila products that I could as I got ready. Stila products are amazing for many many reasons. Their website is extremely easy to use, for one, and they have an easy and fast returning policy if your not satisfied with their products. Even the name is amazing! Stila is derived from the Swedish word “stil” which means style. One of Stila’s messages is that each person’s makeup should be as individual as their signature and sense of style.

That is exactly what I did this weekend with a shimmery gift set called “Sending my Love” from Stila. I used light pink as my base color and blended in the lighter brown shade in the crease of my eye. To finish my look, I used a Sitla highlight and placed it near my tear duct to give my eyes a more open and popping look. To contour my face I also used the Stila contour pallet in the same gift set. The highlight in this set goes on so effortlessly and easy. It finished off my look with a very natural looking shimmer which I absolutely loved.

Through thousands of pictures and posing later, my makeup still looked immaculate. I was so happy with this palate and am looking forward to purchasing more of their products in the future. The evening overall was fantastic and one I will never forget.

To purchase Stila products, click on the link HERE!!!!!


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