Nailed it

As a cheerleader, one of our main rules to follow is to never, ever have nail polish on during games or practices. Every rule has to be broken once or twice right? That’s why this week’s blog posting is going to be on when I did just that. Such a rebel.

About two week’s ago, my sister Grace and I drove to The Blow Dry Bar in Montecito. The Blow Dry Bar is an incredible little store that does the prettiest hair-dos and nails. No joke, the workers there are the kindest, friendliest people I have ever met, and I have been to Canada multiple times.

They sat Grace and I down and started chatting with us while they applied countless fragrant smelling lotions onto our hands and feet. After, we picked out our colors from an array of choices. I didn’t realize how many reds there actually are till that very moment in my life.

An hour after multiple massages, coats of “As Cute as a Button” and conversations later, Grace and I walked out with our hands looking the best that they have since birth!

Through out the day, we used our hands quite a bit with styling our hair in puffed up dos, getting the perfect cat-eye, and making snacks, of course. And I have to say, I really thought I was going to badly ding or chip one of my nails. None of them did! They all stayed completely in shape which was awesome!

I swear by the nail polish brands Essie and OPI. Their polish always manages to stay on and look good while doing so for a long time! Additionally, I would highly recommend the chip resistant product by OPI, “Chip Skip”. Using this as a base coat, my nails can last up to several days longer than they usually do and in great condition.

To order this product click HERE!

If your looking to get your nails and toes done for any type of event in your life or, like me, just because you need to, I would highly recommend going to The Blow Dry Bar. At one point after our nails were painted by Betty, she started fanning us herself so they would dry faster and so she wouldn’t have to take up any more of our time! There prices are reasonable and you won’t regret going there!


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