Enjoy the Little Things

Ok, ok alright. I apologize for the highly cliche title, but you knew this blog post was bound to happen at some point.

These past couple of weeks have been absolutely hectic from the point of view of a sophomore in high school. Ap tests are creeping upon us and as I currently write this post, I am trying to retain information on the Mongolian ear in World History. But enough about the stress that eats away at all of us everyday, this blog posting, amongst other things, should be a little slice of happiness that I can share with you all to make your days just a little better.

IMG_4632This week, I was in much need for an educational break. My friends Margaux, Talia, Marynicole and I went to Margaux’s house this weekend. As we sat around with watermelon rines dripping in our fingers onto the ground, laughing uncontrollably, I realized how much I appreciated these beautiful crazy girls. Every time I am around them I could not be happier. So I have to say, appreciate the little things, appreciate who you are when your around them. That is the best kind of beauty there is, happiness, even if it comes from the smallest incidences.

IMG_4594Later that day, I found myself on the warm with my grandparents and brother, sitting under the sun, enjoying all the life could bring to us. My Grandparents have been with one another for over fifty years. I asked them how they managed to do this and my Grandma smiled back and said, “I am the most confident and the best when I am with your Grandpa”. I’m not saying to find yourself a significant other like my Grandma has, but find something that drives you and motivates you to be the best version of yourself.

IMG_4713For me, what drives me to be the best person is my amazing friends and supportive family. They truly make me happy and when I am with them, I can push aside any negativity, stress, or whatever from my brain.

I urge all of you to do what makes you happy. Even if it comes from the most unexpected moments, happiness, stress-free living, and overall peace with yourself is the best type of makeup someone can wear.


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