“Old Lady Hands”

In the beauty word, it seems like everyone has someone that inspires a certain look or style. What inspires me to have my most classy, put-together looks is my mom. My mom is the most stylish, sensible, beautiful person I know. Even if she’s just going to cheer my sister and I on during a football game, she always sports our school gear with a full face of makeup.

One of my Mom’s many go-to beauty looks is her light pink acrylic nails. There has only been one time in my lifespan where I have seen her without her light pink nails and that was two years ago during Christmas time when she decided to get longer red gel nails.

Why does she like her acrylic nails? Simply because it makes her feel empowered and like a more classy women. Acrylic nails are enhancing her natural nail’s beauty and taking eyes away from her “old lady hands”.

My mom occasionally gets her hair professionally done. She goes to this incredible little beauty shop in Montecito called the “Blow Dry Bar”. In a past blog post I talked about their AWESOME costumer service when I was getting my nails done there. With regards to their hair team, they have the  most professional, put together, and flexible staff I have ever had a chance to interact with. My mom usually brings pictures of the type of hairstyle that she wants them to recreate. EVERY TIME they recreate it perfectly or even better than the picture.

My mom truly inspires me to actually put myself together and look like a normal human being in the mornings. Without her, I would have no idea how to line my lips, apply contour, or even how to successfully apply foundation without looking like a pound cake. I appreciate so much everything she has taught me and she has really been the foundation of my career in beauty hacks, blogging, and makeup looks.

If your haven’t already, I would highly recommend finding your person that guides you and inspires you to try new looks, or teaches you something you really like, not only beauty related, but in all aspects of life. Having someone their you can ask unlimited questions and lean on when you can not get your cat eyes even, is super helpful.


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