The Beauty Within SBHS

Santa Barbara High School. Home of the Dons. This is where I go to high school and I absolutely love it. The people, the spirit, everything. This week, I am going to be focusing on only just a couple of my amazing classmates and what beauty means specifically to them.

Jacquie. Jacquie is such a unique, incredible individual. Beauty to her means to be confident in your own skin and do what ever the hell you want with what you wear, what type of makeup you like, and how long or short your hair is. To her, other people’s opinions do not matter in the slightest. I think we all focus on what other people want us to be versus what we like and strive to be. I think more people should have the Jacquie attitude more embedded into their life for not just beauty looks, but living life in general.

Miranda. Miranda has the most luscious long locks of any of my classmates. Want to know her secret? They’re full of wisdom. One of her version’s of beauty is the knowledge she can retain in a short amount of time. During AP testing, she was on fire. Ask her any of the Chinese dynasties and she’ll tell you them in order and the most significant thing they did.  She also strongly believes that to be the most beautiful is to be a kind and caring individual to all.

Charley. Charley has this highly contagious personality that instantly puts who ever she talks to into a good mood. She is so caring and always looking out for others. Like Miranda, Charley believes in having a positive attitude towards others but most importantly yourself. Why tear yourself down about the little things when you can be building yourself and others up about things that actually matter.

These three girls inspire me to be the best person I can be everyday. I think we should all take in what they believe beauty is and try to incorporate their ideologies into how we live life and how we present our self everyday.

Comment below on what beauty means to you!


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